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Trekking and Scrambling in Wadi Rum

You can climb the highest mountain in Jordan, 1832m high or choose to climb at Um Addami or Jebel Burdah Arch. You can also hike to Mount Al Hash.

Um Adaami

Um Adaami, the highest mountain in Jordan, 1832m above sea level have a stunning panoramic view from the top towards Saudi Arabia, and if weather allow so even you can see the Red Sea. It is relatively easy - mostly a gradual uphill hike with just a few scrambles!

Um Adaami is about 40km south from Rum Village, located deep in the desert with wonderful surrounding.

Your guided climb up and back is about 2-3 hours. After we are down you can relax and take your lunch. Before to drive to the camp you will take a look at Wadi Nuqra canyon and Um Sabatah .

  • On request

Jebel Burdah Arch and Jebel Al Hash

Burdah Rock Bridge – here you can challenge yourselves. This climb is rated as a Grade 3 scramble, but you not need ropes and abseils. Your guide take you along the fairly basic route up and down, you not need to be an experienced climber to tackle this mountain.

Notie only that children under 13 years old are not suitable to do this climb.

The drive to Jebel Burdah take about a half hour from the village.

The ascent and descent from Burdah takes about 4+ hours, depending on your ability and speed. Later you will with your lunch and drink tea.

After relaxing we continue to Jebel AL Hash.

Jebel Hash is an easily with amazing views of the surrounding valleys and it takes around 2 hours hiking there and back. Then we drive to our camp to enjoy the sunset.


  • On request