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Wadi rum - be one with nature

About us

The term ecotourism was coined by Héctor Ceballos-Lascuràin in 1983, and was initially used to describe nature-based travel to relatively undisturbed areas with an emphasis on education.

Are you planning an adventure in Wadi Rum?

Eco tourism is defined as "Environmentally and culturally responsible travel and visitation to natural areas that promotes conservation, endorses a low visitor impact and benefits the community economically."

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

If you take the Wadi Rum nature tour you will see Wadi Rum in a unique way, you will meet local people and promote cultural and genuine travel.

You will see how the Bedouins live in the desert
You stay in the middle of nature in the middle of the Wadi Rum protected area
You get many opportunities to have an unforgettable trip
Everyone is welcome regardless of age, relationships and living conditions
That way you will support Bedouins in their lives
You get beautiful memories for life

The difference between eco tour and regular tours and what is important for it, for example we bring firewood and do not collect it in the desert where we only pick dry firewood already on the ground, but never tear twigs from bushes or trees. Or we will not use soap but some natural plants as a special plant.

Enjoy each moment with your family or friends in the beautiful desert.

A couple of years ago a group of Bedouin experts started a project to preserve Wadi Rum in the most original way so far. That it would remain clean and beautiful in the future.

Make the most of your precious time here in learning more about both the wonders of nature but also about the Bedouins themselves, their environment in which they live and work.

You go out into the virgin desert far and deep where you get to see incredible rock formations built by the course of nature and hike in the most intact nature, far from Wadi Rum village and the red desert. You can also experience bird and wild animal life and much more!

See all the flora and fauna, astronomical phenomena but also take part in the culinary art of cooking in the desert.

If you want, you can sleep under the stars or in a cave that is comfortable anyway and you will witness the original Bedouin lifestyle.

But if you prefer to stay in the traditional Bedouin tent, you can do that too.

ABOUT WADI RUM nature turism and ECOTOURS

Wadi Rum, also known as the valley of the moon, is home to, among others, a tribe, the Al Zalabeh. They live a simple life full of laughter, good food and good company.

They can give you a glimpse of life in the desert, whether you choose to explore it by camel, jeep or walk the Lawrence of Arabia track and you will not be disappointed. There are tons of adventures you can experience within your interest and time frame. Um Adaami, the highest peak in Wadi Rum with a magnificent view of the Red Sea and Saudi Arabia. You can also hike far to Rakabat Canyon, if you can of course.
Those who need a more relaxing vacation can visit Lawrence Spring and have lunch there in some shade and enjoy, away from the worries of everyday life. At sunset, enjoy stargazing and the remarkably clear sky.

Many people often underestimate the desert and think it is a dry and barren place. But it is not dry and barren, it is an adventure that welcomes you at any time.

The desert is a wonderful reminder of how rich yet simple life can be. When you are away from everyday life and at one with nature, it is a truly peaceful experience; to feel the last rays of daylight, the sand underfoot and the stillness of the mountains. Good food cooked in the fire is also a tradition - with this they can show you how their ancestors lived.

Living in the desert means freedom and it has a lot to offer.

Welcome to Wadi Rum!