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Wadi rum



If you wish to experience the most genuine stay in Wadi Rum desert you can choose from various options to spend your nights in Wadi Rum, such as Bedouin camp, sleeping in a cave or camping under the stars.

Bedouin camp

There are two types of camps, one of which is the most original type and most reminiscent of Bedouin camps and tents. Some have shared bathrooms, some have private bathrooms.
Then there is another type that is far from Bedouin camp but rather a resort. These do not fit much in the desert or are adapted to the environment. Rather the opposite.

The former are mostly in located towards the red cliffs in the heart of the protected desert area.

While those resort type are more outside the protected area.

Sleeping in a cave

Before the Bedouins began making goat hair tents that you will see scattered throughout the Wadi Rum, they used to sleep in caves. For a romantic night under the stars, safe from possible rain and wind, you can sleep in a cave, complete with mattress, blankets, candles

Camping bivouac

If you prefer to "get away from it all" and sleep out in the wild desert, it is also possible to arrange. Mattresses, pillows and blankets are provided, and tents on request.

I have been thinking for a long time about why people who travel to the desert to experience a bit of adventure, to learn about the nature there, etc., why they want such luxuries as having a private bathroom and maybe even a swimming pool. Why they can not settle for a shared bathroom. And manage without dipping into the swimming pool.

You are in the desert for the most part just one night so you can survive without a private bathroom. It's not that I would not treat you to it, but mostly I think about the environment really. Have you thought about how the desert can change if daily amounts of water mixed with soap run out into the sand.

Some camps have ensuite bathrooms with showers. The water from the shower is collected under the floor of the ensuite and then recycled ( to flush toilets etc). But then all is running in the sand only because there is no canalization in the desert.

To built a bathroom in the sand is not so easy, they need to use the cement etc. and it destroy the sand, environment etc.

Please, take responsibility and save nature as much as possible. There is constant talk of climate change, which also includes taking care of nature.

But you do not do that if you get local people living on tourism to build luxury camps with private bathrooms and swimming pools in the desert to get clients. A camp owner who does not have a private bathroom can barely make it nowadays.

There is hard life in the desert, not so easy, but locals did well before there were demands for private bathrooms. What can a poor owner do if he does not get clients because he can not afford to build a private bathroom and also thinks about and takes responsibility for nature.

There is another aspect and that is that people want to experience an adventure, see how life goes in the desert, see originality, but with their demands for luxury, they miss the essentials of their travels.

Please, think a little more about and reduce your demands for luxury when you want to explore the desert. Let us keep it as it is, do not contribute to and make green groves where it is the desert. Enjoy the beautiful desert landscape with varying colors. Thanks.