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Wadi rum nature turism


Welcome to us!

When you arrive to Wadi Rum, you need to register you there and pay the entrance fee 5JD in reception of Visitor Center, don’t forget to get a receipt. If you have a Jordan Pass you will show it only and not need to pay any fee.

Continue then right to the village, about 6 km driving, to the parking place near Rest House, you will see it on your right side in the begin of the village.

Your camp provider will be there to collect you. (When you booked make sure you agree on how and where you and the camp owner will meet.)

How to go to Wadi Rum

You can take a taxi to ensure you reach the Rum village easily.

You can rent a car from Aqaba or Amman for around 30JD per day. Travelling in Jordan is straightforward: signs are in English and an international driver’s license is not required. Wadi Rum is accessible from the Desert Highway, which runs from Amman to Aqaba - just look for the turn-off, which is indicated by numerous road signs. Wadi Rum is about 30km from the highway.

But if you're not in a hurry, take another road like Kings' Highway or Jordan Valley Road (No. 65).

By public transport
From Petra

The best option is to have your hotel book you a seat on the minibus that leaves between 6 - 6:30am (arrival approx. 8:30am) daily at a cost of 7 JD p.p. If you want to depart later, take a taxi for 35 JD total. It takes 1hr30-2 hours.

From Aqaba

There is a bus around 1pm but it does not run on Fridays and Saturdays. We can arrange a taxi for 20 JD from downtown Aqaba, and 25 JD from Aqaba South beach, Eilat border or the port.

From Amman

Take the Jett Bus to Aqaba (10JD) then take a taxi from Aqaba for 20 JD. Please note that Wadi Rum Village is without street signage, so we advise you to ring your camp provider when you arrive at the Visitors Center Wadi Rum so he can meet you at the entrance of the village

How to leave Wadi Rum

Your provider can book a taxi which will collect you at any time you wish to leave.

To Petra

There is minibus, which leaves every morning between 8:30 - 9am from Rum village at a cost of 7 JD. If you want to leave later, then he can arrange a taxi for 35 JD.

To Aqaba

A taxi costs 25 JD to Aqaba city and 30 JD to Aqaba South Beach, Eilat border or the port. Many guidebooks mention a bus to Aqaba in the morning. It exists but is unfortunately unreliable. This is not a tourist bus - it is a bus for the residents of Rum Village to go to school, work, doctor or other business. It leaves between 6 and 7am, before you will return to the village from the camp. It does not run on Fridays and Saturdays, or any other day that the driver decides not to run - for whatever reason.

To Amman

Take a taxi to Aqaba Jett Bus Station for 25 JD, and from the station there are frequent buses to Amman everyday for a cost of 10JD.

Solo travellers

Please note that regarding all kind of tours as a rule most of the camp have to charge for a minimum of 2 people. If you are alone your price will be quite high. But if provider have other reservations on your arrival date, and they don't mind you joining, he will be happy to give you the group price. However, he can make no guarantees about this availability.

What kind of food we serve

In the camps serves traditional Bedouin food; usually Zarb (chicken and vegetables roasted under the sand), or Sinea (beef or chicken with vegetables - casserole style), along with rice, Arabic salads and bread. Mansaf, the Jordanian national dish, can be prepared upon request.

The breakfast is also traditional Bedouin style: hummus, halawa (sweet paste made from pistachios), cheese, jam, biscuits and tea.

They are happy to prepare vegetarian dishes upon request. Just please let them know when you make your reservation and also when you arrive (just to remind them!) if you have any special dietary requirements.

What to bring

Sleeping bags are not required, but you are welcome to bring them or sleeping sheets if you like. You will need to bring your own towels and toiletries. It is also recommend that you bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a scarf and/or hat, a jacket/sweater (it can get chilly in the night), and a flashlight as there is no electricity in the camp outside, but inside tents are electricity.

There is a small stores just in the village where you can buy snacks, vegetables, fruits and drinks before going on our tour or to the camp.

Is it a good place for children!

All camps invite you to bring your children as so far most of our young visitors have enjoyed the desert. Only you, however, know your child’s endurance/limitations. We do not provide car seats, seat belts or cribs; but we are happy to assist you with boiling water for formula, etc.

Generally rules are that children under 6 are free. Children 6-12 are half price.

Unfortunately there are no discounts for children on camel rides.

Discount for students

Almost all camps will be happy to offer students a discount of 10% with proper ID. Again, there are no discounts for camel rides.

Kind of payment

Sorry but unfortunately you cannot pay by card, you will be kindly request to pay in cash upon arrival. In Visitor Center in Wadi Rum there is ATMs, so you can pick up money there.

Tipping is not required, but it is highly appreciated if you have enjoyed the services rendered. The amount is at your discretion.


All guides speak Arabic and English.